Work and Stress | Holidays and Vacations

Stress is the feeling of emotional and physical pressure. Long-lasting stress may cause physical and psychological diseases. There are different sorts of stress, job stress is one of them, and it is widely spread in the modern world. To get rid of stress, first of all, you need to be aware that its reasons, and reasons for stress at work are multiple. Here they are:- Overworking, that is having to stay late hours, working non-stop without holidays and vacations, having to take work home;
- Being aware of a possible lay off;
- Feeling that you’ve made a wrong career choice;
- Tense relationships with colleagues and a boss.Symptoms of Stress at Work
The earlier you pay attention to the symptoms of work-related stress – the easier you will be able to get rid of it. Here is the list of symptoms:- Your job does not bring the feeling of satisfaction to you;
- You’ve got problems with falling asleep. Waking up in the morning you’re feeling slack;
- You are irritated easily and feel you can break down;
- You’ve got problems with digestion;
- Your head is constantly aching;
- Your personal life has changed, you’ve got problems with family and friends;
- Your morale is at a minimum level;
- You’ve got dental problems;
- You’ve got addicted to smoking or alcohol, at least slightly.What Job Stress May Lead to
The list of diseases caused by stress is huge. All of them may be divided into 3 basic groups:
- Heart and circulatory system diseases
- Muscular and skeletal system diseases
- Psychological diseasesWays to Overcome it
Getting rid of work-related stress is not easy, but it can be done. The ways of overcoming it are the following:
- If you fell you are overworking, try to avoid any extra job. Besides, what you really need is taking a vacation, refusing to take work home and work longer hours.
- If you think you can be laid off, there is nothing you can do about it except careful preparation to this dramatic life change. You can update your resume, sign up to job seeking websites and start building your personal and professional brand in social networks.
- If you are sure you are in a wrong career, there is no other way out except changing careers. Being a career changer is not easy but it’s a wonderful challenge and an adventure.
- If you can not get on with your colleagues and boss, try to resolve your conflicts and at least try to find common language with them. You can always read workplace communication advice or address a psychologist.